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New Year, New Me

Posted in starchiksix

So, I’m trying this new thing for 2016. Learning patience, to be kinder and losing some weight. Blah blah blah. Same ol’ crap. But this time. I started before the new year thinking it may help jump start some new year freshness and good juju. Good idea, right?! Nice try, starchiksix. Nice try. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got off to a fantastic start. I lost 3lbs in the last 3 weeks. I have increased my water intake. I only eat veggies at lunch. Moving around more. I’m eating smaller portions but come 5. I’m shoving my face with whatever protein filled…

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A Barbie?

Posted in chix2six

I am so over the lies of Christmas! It starts out innocently enough… the elf on the shelf, Santa, the flying reindeer, the Polar Express, the North Pole Experience. All of these Christmas time experiences were brought into our family with good intentions. But now I have a savvy six year old who knows it is all fake, and an 11 years old and a 9 year old who truly with all their hearts still believe. So I am the one that feels trapped in the Christmas non-truths. I seriously hate the physical feeling I get when my youngest is…

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The Change

Posted in SpartyChick19

No, I’m not referencing that fun time for women where the temperature is never low enough. Personally, I can’t bring any experience to that type of change yet, but will probably hope someone writes an article about that at some point. I want to talk about the changes of family and career that most of us make over the course of life. You see, I just went through one of the most impactful changes in my life, Retirement! Yes, after 25 years at an amazing company I decided the timing was right at 48 yo to take a new path.…

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