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Dancing to Prince

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So, Friday night, downtown was a tribute to the man named Prince. The club was glowing of purple both inside and out. The lamp post had purple bulbs, the trees had purple streamers and purple and white balloons bounced around the dance floor like they too had their own beat. The men and women, young, old, cross dressers, the hip, die hard fans–and those who just wanted to be–were showing their respect in short dresses, ruffles, make up and the art of turning heads. My husband and I dressed as racy as we could to our standards and dug deep…

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Dancing with Myself

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I have this little habit, no one really knows because I’m always alone when it happens. Especially when my boyfriend falls asleep and I’m not tired yet. This was actually brought to my attention recently, with Prince’s passing, when I realized it was a secret habit. I dance with myself. I know what you are thinking……that’s lame, everyone dances blah blah blah. NO. I turn on music, sometimes music videos, and either learn the dances or make them up. Or I pretend Ricky Martin (just to name one) is flirtatiously chasing me around and I dance with him. Alone. And…

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Thank You, Prince

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I’ve been mesmerized by Prince since I was 13. I remember watching Purple Rain over and over again – just as fast as that tape could rewind, I’d hit play. At the time, I was too young to comprehend what sex appeal meant – but looking back that’s exactly why I was enthralled. It’s There was something about him I couldn’t get enough of. In the teenage vernacular of the times, I probably used words like fine or babe because that’s how teens account for attraction. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized his appeal had very little…

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