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Happy Mother’s Day

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This is actually a letter I sent out in 2010. I had planned to revise it, as so much has changed since then, but I liked the feeling I got while reading it – so I left it alone. Perhaps later this month, I’ll reflect on the thoughts, questions, and confessions I acquired over the past six years. Perhaps not. Happy Mother’s Day This letter goes out to all my fellow mothers and those who have supported us along the way. I think my favorite quote of all time is by Elizabeth Stone. She says, “This decision to have a child is…

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Okay, I have to admit when I have done a terrible job at something. Lately it has been the role of wife, daughter, and even “Momma” to my fur-babies. I have caught myself looking with disgust at my husband when he walks in the room, avoiding personal contact with my live-in father – who seems is doing the same thing to me (could it be a family trait?!?) – and telling my dogs at night when I return home, “No – Go Lay Down, Momma is tired.” Turn that frown upside down….Not so easy. I’ve fallen into that slump….the little…

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Fifty Shades of Brown

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My history of unsuccessful romantic weekend getaways all began four years ago when my boyfriend at the time was suckered into taking a work assignment in Akron, Ohio, or as I refer to it, the badlands (home of the hyenas in the Lion King). As our first trip together as a temporary long distance couple, you can imagine the brewed up excitement bursting at the seams between us and the extensive planning we had put into the perfect weekend reuniting us and ending our physical drought. While the male understanding of romance tends to be very basic, the female encompasses…

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