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For The Time Being

Posted in C7

Go. Go. Go. Do. Do. Do. Rush. Rush. Rush. I feel like my mind is always going and that I’m always trying to accomplish something. Whether it’s something at work, a clean house, a stocked fridge ….every day, it’s something new to check off the list. But lately, my heart has been hurting because my rushing around has caused me to miss out on something that I’ll never get back, and that’s quality time with those I love. My son will be grown before I know it, and I didn’t snuggle with him because I had to get down stairs…

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Keeping A Distance

Posted in 1FineChik

What do you think?  Do long distance relationships work?  So many people . . . so many opinions!  As you are pondering this question, only evaluate long-distance dating…not marriage.  That is a completely different conversation and deserves much earned respect. Here’s my story:  For the past nine months, a wonderful friend and soul-mate of mine moved away.  Boohoo!  He really believes a long distance relationship can work, I do not!  Residing in two different states with thousands of miles between is like eating empty calories.  Good for the quick moment of conversation, video chatting, or texting.  But it really leaves…

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‘To Be Or Not To Be’

Posted in Chic#5

This is my life… So, I figured the best way to start this off would be with an introduction…Hi, I am a chick in my 30s, have a house, a job, a boyfriend who has two sons from a previous marriage, and together we have a beautiful little girl. Yes, we had a baby out of wedlock and I often get the question, “when are you two going to get married?” The answer is, we are NOT. Which brings me to the question, “what is marriage, really?” Why do people get married? This is something I have pondered for a…

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