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Bridget Jones of Arizona

Posted in SpartyChick19

I find myself thinking of a book I read nearly 15 years ago. Bridget Jones Diary came along for me at a perfect time. It was 1999 and I was recently divorced and ironically, leaving Arizona to work abroad in London as an expat for 2 years. The movie came out and I remember thinking I had found my soul sister in Bridget Jones…. ok, so I didn’t smoke or have quite that foul of a mouth, but the weight struggle, oh, the weight struggle… my, oh my, Bridget and I were connected at the proverbial morning step on the…

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Hey Ya

Posted in ladychick14

So lately I’ve been experiencing some feelings of self doubt and questioning every single decision I have ever made and those that I didn’t make. Being an artist and a musician I find solace in my music and tend listen to songs that apply exactly to my feelings. Lately I have been listening to a gorgeous, acoustic version of outkast’s hey ya and it sends chills up and down my arms and blasts a lightning bolt right through my chest. So what does this have to do with anything? Ok, here’s the deal. Recently I lost a very significant amount…

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Worth the Weight

Posted in Gr8fate

I have finally reached the weight on my driver’s license!!! You know how it is…you get your driver’s license and figure you should weigh say…15 pounds less. So you go ahead and write that wishful weight down (it’s not like they make you step on a scale). The policeman that pulls you over for speeding will never know your true weight especially since you are sitting down. (Suck in your gut as he approaches the window. Relax as he goes back to his vehicle. Suck in again when he comes back.) Weight – “never ask a woman her weight”. It…

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