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You are….

Posted in frickachik17

Words of encouragement to get you through this week:   You are smart!!! You are beautiful!!! You are a rock star!!!!! You are intelligent!!! You are hilarious!!! You are kind!! You are loving!!!! Your body looks BANGIN’!!!!!!! You have awesome ideas!!! You DON’T need to shave your legs!! That greasy hair can wait until tomorrow!!! You are strong!!! You are a total badass!!!! You are courageous!!! You are successful!!   You are a BOSS ASS BITCH, girl. Keep kicking ass.   Love, frickachick17

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The Other Woman

Posted in Chic#5

This is my life… I’ve never really understood the female species. Granted, I am a woman, and most times I don’t even understand myself, but I could never quite “hang” with the girls. I believe it all started back in high school…girls were so mean. The name calling, fighting, bullying, stealing each other’s boyfriends, excluding girls because they weren’t “cool” anymore, they wore ugly clothes, they didn’t smoke…the list is endless. And, while I was never a direct victim of this “cattiness,” I never understood the world of drama and why it had to be that way. The individuals I…

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